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International Hybrid Programs

Asia’s #1 international college!

Graduate from one of the world’s top 100 QS ranked universities, ranked higher than any Indian private universities or IIT’s on employability and subject rankings. Being the best private college in India with an international curriculum, we provide you with an impeccable study abroad pathway at an affordable Indian cost!

Benefits of International College
University Packaged | Credit transfer

Kings Cornerstone International has an exclusive partnership with RMIT University, the University of Sunderland and the University of Hertfordshire to offer packaged offers in a variety of fields.

01Guaranteed Entry into selected university programs

02Guaranteed credits may shorten the duration of qualifications and reduce tuition fees over the total duration of the study program

03Graduate with a competitive mix of practical and theoretical skills

04Graduate with a dual certification from both Pearson, UK and RMIT University (for example Advanced Diploma (or) associate degree and a Bachelor Degree)

In addition to this, credit transfer is available to ensure that your study is recognised as being equivalent in content and level to parts of other education programs, including 600+ university degrees in 100+ countries.


RMIT University |Study Abroad

QS 77th ranked, outscoring all IIT’s on employability

UTS logo

QS 69th ranked, outscoring all IIT’s on employability

University of Hertfordshire UH

Recorded employment rates of 96.5% outscoring several Russell Group Universities, including both Oxford and Cambridge

Ulster University | Study Abroad

QS 43rd ranked for Nursing & 451 for Business studies in the world.

University of Hertfordshire UH

Heriot Watt ranks top 150 in the world for Civil Engineering

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Experiential Learning(WIL)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a term used to describe learning activities that use your academic learning in a ‘real life’ situation with a real industry or community partner. You may do an internship (placement), or a partner organisation might provide a project for you and your class to work. These placements and projects are tied to one or more courses within your program and formally assessed for credit.

So whether you’re studying engineering, health science, business or any other discipline, you may undertake WIL, it gives you the chance to put what you’ve learnt in the classroom, into practice and ‘test drive’ the industry.

Education to Employability

Study abroad and Visas

Our programs are carefully handpicked by global recruiting experts, migration specialists and employers for job assurance in severe shortage occupations leading to permanent settlements and international work permits. Our professional staff members will hand hold you beyond graduation until you get settled in your career by providing expert counselling on choosing the right occupation, including the guidance on financial assistance, visas, post-study work option and permanent settlement or green card.

Collaboration & Development

Scholarship and Funding

Study abroad requires significant investment; however, we have designed the programs making study abroad possible for all citizens by 60% lesser

Besides bringing the cost down by 60% for our students, you will also be eligible to work part-time during your study abroad term. Students on an average earn Rs 85,000 to Rs 90,000 per month working part-time and can save a substantial amount for their living expenses. Every year student who managed to go overseas has eventually found a great career and bright future.

Application & Enrolment

KCIC offers pathway program to prestigious institutions including RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia with a limited entry for each program. We do not overcrowd our classrooms but have the right balance of intellect peer group. Application for admission should be submitted online with relevant, correct information.