Admission Interview

Your journey begins here!

Establishing a Path to Academic Success

There is no single academic path we expect all students to follow; some will be assessed based on their ability to produce or present or write a technical report. We believe each child is gifted and talented and each child's learning pattern is unique. We understand each child's interest and their way of learning and doing things. While we want to help, you make choices that will lead you to a successful college career.

How Your Application is Considered

In our admissions process, we give careful, individual consideration to each applicant. We seek to classify students who will be the best educators of one another and their professors—individuals who will inspire those around them during their college years and beyond.

Growth and potential

Interests and activities

01 Do you care genuinely about anything—intellectual? Extracurricular? Personal?

02 What have you learned from your interests? Have you done with your investments? have you achieved results? With what success or failure? What have you learned as a result?

03 In terms of extracurricular, athletic, community, or family commitments, have you taken full advantage of opportunities?

04 What is the quality of your activities? Do you appear to have a genuine commitment or leadership role?

05 If you have not had much time in high school for extracurricular pursuits due to familial, work, or other obligations, what do you hope to explore at Kings Cornerstone International College with your additional free time?

Character and personality

1 What choices have you made for yourself? Why?

2 Are you a late bloomer?

3 How open are you to new ideas and people?

4 What about your maturity, character, leadership, self-confidence, the warmth of personality, sense of humour, energy, concern for others, and grace under pressure?

5 Contribution to the College community

6 Will you be able to stand up to the pressures and freedoms of College life?

7 Will you contribute something to Kings Cornerstone and your classmates? Will you benefit from your College experience?

8 Would other students want to room with you, share a meal, be in a seminar together, be teammates, or collaborate in a tightly knit extracurricular group?