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KCIC |best Aeronautical Engineering College in India

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India 2 Years
UK / AU 2 Years
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€ 550
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₹ 3,50,000 Per Year
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77th world leading all IIT’s in India


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Washington Accord Accredited

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KCIC - Top Aeronautical Engineering College

Are you looking for the best of both worlds in Aerospace industries? This course prepares you to make an informed decision and offer you the pathway to integrate the experience of flying in the initial stages of this degree, you will find the transition to working as a professional pilot easier.

There are three international pathways to Aerospace and commercial pilot studies.

  1. Aerospace Systems Engineering + Pilot Studies, a University of Hertfordshire degree
  2. Aerospace Engineering + Space Technology, a University of Hertfordshire degree
  3. Aerospace Engineering, an RMIT University degree
  4. Commercial Pilot Training - New Zealand

Aerospace programs prepare you to work primarily within a specific Engineering discipline, such as Airframe, Design and Stress, Systems Integration, Support Engineering, Quality or Advanced Manufacturing/Manufacturing Engineering, focusing on all aspects related to the full lifecycle of systems and products.

Aerospace Engineering, which explores aerodynamics and aircraft structural design; Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology, focusing on rocket and satellite technology and space vehicle design; and Aerospace Systems Engineering, looking at how aircraft systems are integrated into aircraft design

KCIC International Aeronautical Engineering

The students will study the most advanced technologies used in Boeing 747 and Airbus 320 which is widely used in the commercial airline industry. Students seeking careers in Space technologies may integrate masters in astrophysics and complete the program in five years at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Students seeking a career in aerospace may integrate the program with Masters in Airworthiness in five years at RMIT University Melbourne Australia.



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