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This program is designed by Pearson Education in collaboration with Farming Connect, National Farmers Union (NFU-UK), Institute of Agriculture Secretaries and Administrators (IAgSA) and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). This program develops you as a professional, self-reflecting individual able to meet the demands of employers in the agriculture sector and adapt to a constantly changing world. This program prepares you for a range of careers in Agriculture, including Agricultural Livestock Production, Agricultural Crop Production, Rural Business Administration and Agricultural Management.

You’ll learn all aspects of agriculture are underpinned, directly or indirectly, by crop production; this includes animal feedstuffs and bedding, human food, pharmaceutical and industrial products, and fuel and fibre. You will investigate a range of crops and associated production systems, from those grown extensively to intensively grown crops produced in controlled environments, identifying crops’ suitability for end markets. Evaluate the establishment and maintenance of different crops, including differences between the requirements of various end users. You’ll learn alongside, the practical growing, harvesting and storing of a range of crops, which will give students a relevant context within the industry and will provide experience and knowledge in meeting the specific quality and time requirements placed upon the grower.

Soils can be described as the factory floor for agriculture and horticultural production, whilst plants can be described as the product requiring nurturing and development. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge required to identify different soil types and their condition along with techniques to modify them to allow optimum production. You will study Plant physiology and systems, including photosynthesis, transpiration, water and nutrient uptake, transportation and storage. Plant reproduction and fruit and seed dispersal will be examined. Physical adaptations of plants will be explored to verify how plants are adapted to their environment. Inputs in terms of pesticides, disease treatment and nutrient and water requirements will be examined. You’ll also learn Plant and Crop Nutrition, Protective Corp Production, Plant and Crop Health (Diseases, Pests and Weeds), Plant Breeding and Genetics and Environmental Management and Conservation.

Large-scale agricultural and horticultural enterprises make extensive use of machinery. This will include understanding how machines work, engine, fuel types and overall maintenance. Students will undertake some practical review and operation of tractors and machinery to facilitate an understanding of these from an operator perspective.



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