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Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves- Satya Nadella

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India 1 Year
Abroad 1 Year
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Tution Fees:
₹ 2,90,000 Per Year

There are 8 masters and pre-master program offered in collaboration with Pearson and world’s top universities in France, UK, Australia and Ireland. Programs

  • Computer Science (an RMIT, Australian Degree)
  • Cyber Security (an RMIT, Australian Degree)
  • Data Science (an RMIT, Australian Degree)
  • Information Technology (an RMIT, Australian Degree)
  • Artificial Intelligence with Robotics (a University of Hertfordshire, Uk Degree)
  • Computer Engineering (a University of Hertfordshire, Uk Degree)
  • Network Systems (a University of Hertfordshire, Uk Degree)
  • Telecommunications Engineering (a University of Hertfordshire, Uk Degree)

All ICT programs are developed in consultation with employers and are focused on cutting edge technology. Our partner universities are equipped with one of the best computing facilities. You have an option to choose from the wide pool of programs that would assist you to start a successful career in the IT industry.

Computer engineering programs are accredited globally by various frameworks. These programs cover various aspects of Computing like Big Data, Analytics, Data Science, Design and development of hardware, embedded systems like Robotics, Multimedia Technology, Smartphones etc.



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