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Security is one of the most important challenges modern organisations face. Security is about protecting organisational assets, including personnel, data, equipment and networks from attack through the use of prevention techniques in the form of vulnerability testing/security policies and detection techniques, exposing breaches in security and implementing effective responses.

In this course you will gain the knowledge of security, associated risks and how security breaches impact on business continuity. You’ll will examine security measures involving access authorisation, regulation of use, implementing contingency plans and devising security policies and procedures. The course introduces you to the detection of threats and vulnerabilities in physical and IT security, and how to manage risks relating to enterprises security. Topic covered will be Network Security design and operational topics, including address translation, DMZ, VPN, firewalls, AV and intrusion detection systems. Remote access will be covered, as will the need for frequent vulnerability testing as part of organisational and security audit compliance.

As a part of the course you will also learn cryptography, It is now a prevalent part of our day-to- day lives despite many people being unaware of its usage or importance. Almost every interaction we make with an electronic device will involve cryptography in some form. Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. topics included in this unit are: the mathematical algorithms used in cryptography, the mechanisms by which symmetric and asymmetric cryptography work, 3DES and AES block ciphers, the operations of public key cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), primality testing and factoring, discreet logarithms, El Gamal encryption, security issues with cryptography, common attacks on cryptographic schemes, and some practical applications of cryptography

Fees Structure

Description Fees Amount
Tution Fees ₹ 2,90,000



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