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Electrical & Electronics Engineering Course

Program Structure

India 2 Years
Melbourne 2 Years
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Fee Structure
One Time Registration Fee
£ 550
Tution Fees
₹ 2,50,000 Per Year

Top 100 among Engineering & Technology


85th world leading all IIT’s in India


Rated 5 Star For Excellence


Washington Accord Accredited


Skill Shortage In Australia


Work visa after graduation


Part time work while studying

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Course

RMIT University is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world for engineering (electrical and electronic).

Gain hands-on skills with a professionally accredited electrical and electronic degree which allows you to study a broad range of emerging fields. Electrical engineers devise solutions to generate and use electrical power efficiently and cleanly, while electronic engineers design, implement and maintain electronic devices and systems, including those found in communications, defence, hospitals, and more.

In this program your study will include the generation, distribution and application of electrical energy, and the design and control of the electrical and electronic devices and systems required to power and improve life for people and communities.

EEE Course in Chennai

You'll have a wide range of options to specialise in various sub-areas of electrical and electronic engineering, including generation, distribution and conversion of electrical energy, control systems, analogue and digital electronics, power electronics and drives, communications and network engineering, computer engineering and embedded systems, audio signal processing, image processing, biomedical signal processing, sensors and measurement technologies instrumentation, biomedical electronics and engineering.

You'll have the opportunity to design creative solutions through inspiring and sustainable design-and-build projects, as well as taking part in the Engineers Without Borders Challenge - a humanitarian-focused course offered in all RMIT engineering degrees.

Fees Structure

Description Fees Amount
Tution Fees ₹ 2,90,000



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