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Remember that piggy bank from your childhood? Or say, the pocket money your parents give you. Have you ever thought about why they encourage us to do savings? Almost all of us were taught about the importance of money and investing them right from our childhood.

When it comes to business and the real world, efficient investment banking is regarded as one of the milestones of utmost importance to achieve profitable financial success. Investment banking is one of the white-collar professions that is regarded prestigious on Wall Street which deals with investing stocks and shares for increasing the financial capital of individuals, corporations, or governments. They also deal with merger & acquisition of big shot companies along with their equity overlooking and asset management.

Kings Cornerstone’s pathway program allows you to graduate with impeccable research skills. The research aspect may range from finding and comparing stock performances for several companies at once. This PG course module is structured to provide you with all the necessary skillsets of financial valuation, data mining, decision-making, and metrics analysis, making you job-ready with all the work-force requirements. Another unique aspect of the program is the option to undertake a placement with a wholesale financial firm, thus giving you the edge of real-life work experience when it comes to placements.

Though this profession can bring you the most financially rewarding positions of all time, it can be a challenging career path with never-ending working hours and high levels of stress. If you have it in you to succeed as an invaluable asset in a world full of liabilities, then you have landed on the right page. We have our doors open for inquisitive learners like you!


KCIC College Pathway

Pathway | eligibity

The normal requirement is a good Honours Degree (or equivalent) in business, economics or a cognate discipline with a CGPA above 7.0. Graduates with an Honours Degree in any discipline who have otherwise demonstrated the potential to succeed at the postgraduate level of Global Investment Banking with basic fundamental knowledge will also be considered.