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Ever noticed your WhatsApp chat box having a notification saying “Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption”? or say, the security pin will be scrambled by an algorithm while you are making an online payment, or perhaps came across the term ‘internet firewalls’, do they all ring a bell? Welcome to the world of cybersecurity!

As technology develops, the Internet has become an integral part. The broader it opens the door for making life easier, the broader it shares people’s sensitive information. This allows hackers to steal your information' using computer worms/viruses. Even major organizations such as NASA, Yahoo, Marriott International, Amazon, etc, also have fallen victims to cyber thefts in the past which had caused them to lose billions. Once every 14 seconds, a ransomware attack is prone to happen and each year 6 trillion dollars are lost due to ambiguous cybercrimes.

The prevalence of such a large-scale vulnerability in the digital world had made the field of cybersecurity evergreen with plenty of opportunities. Our course module is structured to meet the growing security needs of the internet world and employs you with the fundamental contexts of digital forensics, information security management, penetration testing, and cyber operations. You’ll also develop a detailed understanding of the emerging security threats and their effective countermeasures in compliance with information security management standards, and the social, legal and ethical issues relating to all areas of cyber operations.

Get on board and be the ethical avenger that protects the expanding infrastructure of networks from black-hat hackers and identity thieves. The world needs you!

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