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Sound Engineering Course

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sound engineering courses

Many people think of the sound engineer as the person who stands behind the big mixing desk at a show and mixes the sound the audience hears. But this is only one aspect of sound engineering. Sound Engineers are in great demand in industries such as film, radio, music recording, computer games, live music concerts, theatre, sport games, corporate event, technological and communication companies such as Skype, Google, Microsoft and many others on sound and voice improvements. Sound Engineers are also called System Engineer, they normally take care of setting up amps, complex PA systems and speakers. Sound engineering are also involved in research and work on development of new technologies, equipment and techniques in order to enchanted the process and art of audio engineering. Games development, Virtual Augmented Reality, Simulation companies also recruit sound and audio engineers to deal with sound effects.

Sound engineering courses in Chennai

In fact, though, there are 4 distinct steps to commercial production of a recording including recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. As a result, there are other types of sound engineers with particular roles and specializations.

Keep in mind, however, that it is common for all of these roles to be taken on by one sound person at smaller events and shows as having a whole team of engineers is a luxury usually reserved for large, well-funded tours. Some of the other roles and titles common to audio engineers include:

Monitor sound engineers. This type of engineer takes care of the sound the band hears on their monitors on stage. If you've ever heard a band say, "can you turn down my guitar a little bit" or something similar, they are talking to the monitor sound engineer.

Fees Structure

Description Fees Amount
Tution Fees ₹ 2,25,000



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